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Professional Development

The National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore will be offering library workshops in 2020. These workshops are :

1. Managing the School Library : The Practical Aspects

2. Building a Reading Library : Developing the Book Collection, Policy and Programmes

3. Redesigning School Library Learning Spaces

4. Information / Research Literacy : The Role of the Library

More information on the workshops will be available soon ! 

November 04, 2019

IEL2094 - Information/Research Literacy: The Role of the Library

This in-service course is designed for any teacher who is involved in managing their school library and establishing infrastructure to support a research culture in their school. The course covers three essential components in developing an information literacy programme in the library:

(1) Understanding the importance of information literacy in the Singapore context,

(2) Exploring the particular information needs of a school

(3) Developing programmes for the effective use of information which support a school’s curriculum.

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