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Our Project

Building a Reading Culture: A Nation-Wide Study of Reading and School Libraries in Singapore Secondary Schools (OER5/16 LCE, Tier 2 Project) 


Reading is a foundational skill for learning and academic achievement, and in the wake of worldwide concerns with literacy rates, many nations have turned their attention towards reading instruction and strategies. Drawing on findings from two earlier studies on reading in Singapore, this study extends beyond best practices instruction to examine how the secondary school libraries, can be utilized more effectively in cultivating a reading and learning culture in Singapore secondary schools.  

The twin objectives of the study are to contribute to reading and school library research, and to contribute to the crafting of practical professional development courses and policy changes. This mix-methods study is situated in six secondary schools and aims to answer the following research questions: 

  1. What are the reading habits and practices of students in six Singapore secondary schools? 

  2. What are the patterns of reading and library usage in these schools? 

  3. How are these school libraries integrated into the reading and learning culture of these schools?

Project Duration

17 August 2016 to 28 February 2019

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